I hope you are all remaining safe and healthy during this time. The events unfolding with COVID-19 are unprecedented. Living through a time of great uncertainty has a profound impact on all of us. The stress of isolation, fear, and significant life changes takes a toll on our physical, emotional, mental and energetic well-being. Self-care and stress management is essential for navigating the coming weeks and months.

While the office is temporarily closed, fortunately, many of my services are available via video conference, so I am still here an able to support you. Because many, like me, have taken a financial hit with businesses being forced to temporarily close, I have put together some lower cost options to ensure that you can access the supports that you need right now.

Available Services During COVID-19 Quarantine

Chakra Clearing with Applied Integration

Establishing tools to navigate stress, fear and overwhelm, alongside our ‘normal’ day to day is essential right now. Chakra Clearing with Applied Integration supports you in healing and clearing imbalances caused by daily stress, conflicts, past and current trauma, and other experiencing that are impacting your body and energy system. Through this, you learn essential tools for self-care.

Sessions are available online via video conference and can be scheduled online. Click here for more details about Chakra Clearing. For those of you navigating financial hardship due to loss of business or employment, please reach out to me directly. I am happy to work with you to come up with options to make this (or any of my services) available to you, or try this next option:

30 Minute Private Healing/Crisis Coaching Session for $20

We are all facing a lot of stress with COVID-19, and the isolation and change in routines is challenging for many. As a temporary offering, over the next few weeks, I am doing 30 minute private sessions via video conference. These sessions are individualized to meet your current needs, with a focus on stress management and development of self-care tools and strategies. There is also an option to extend the call for an addition 30 minutes ($40 total for the hour) if you feel you need more time. (Despite the name, you need not be in crisis to sign up).

Three Month Online Personal Transformation Program

The Personal Transformation Program combines a 3 month online course with 1:1 coaching. It guides you through a profound personal journey, building a deeper, more connected and healthier relationship with your self and your life. The program provides a number of valuable self-care and wellness tools.

Through the next month, we are extending the initial 50% discount offered during the program pilot, and continue to offer a monthly payment option.

Registration Options:
One Time Payment Full Course Price: $777 (now only $388)
3 Monthly Payments Price: $277/month (now only $133/month)

Bi-Weekly Online Healing and Support: Sanctuary Circles

support circle

Sanctuary Circles offer a safe space for each of us to come together, connect, share, and support one anther through the next couple months as we learn to navigate the changes that come with COVID-19. During the call, we will explore relaxation, clearing, grounding and other self care strategies to boost your resilience and reduce stress. Circles are held every other Thursday at 7 pm. $25. Click for details and registration.

Distance Reiki Sessions

Reiki remains available via distance sessions. At the start of the session, we will touch base via phone or video to check in. When possible, be in a quiet comfortable place, free of interruption. During the session, you may experience a variety of sensations, most commonly, deep relaxation and a sense of peace. Afterwards, we will touch base to debrief. I have added a 30 minute session in addition to the regular 60 & 90 minute sessions that we usually offer. Click for details and scheduling.

Daily Meditation for Grounding, Clearing & Centering


Take a little break to recharge each day and join us for our free meditation. Each weekday at noon, Linda will lead guided meditations to support your total well-being with a focus on stress relief, grounding, clearing and centering. Feel free to share with friends.

Add a reminder on your calendar and click this link to join:


You’re Not Alone

With all the uncertainty we are facing from COVID-19 and other events, stress levels are high. Please know that you are not alone. If you need support, please reach out. I am here to help you through this. And PLEASE do not let money be a barrier. If you are experiencing financial distress right now, call me. We can work together to come up with viable options for you. The overall health and well being of each of us is the priority now, and we can work together to take care of one another.

Tools to Support You

Here are a couple tools to support you:

Relaxation and Grounding Meditation: In times of uncertainty and fear, our sense of safety is rattled and our Root Chakra is impacted. For this, grounding is a valuable way to decrease anxiety levels and reconnect with your foundation and sense of security. Click here to download a free guided relaxation and grounding practice.

Root Chakra Balancing: Click here to learn more about the Root Chakra and some steps you can take to support it.

Coping Strategies for Children and Teens: Click here for some ideas to help your children navigate stress.

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