You are a goddess; a sacred being, filled with divine light and power.

Reclaiming Your Inner Goddess: The goddess is a powerful archetype, representing the deep, complex and powerful dimensions that define us as women.  The repression of the sacred feminine and the oppression of women has forced us to disown our power and dim our light. As women continue to step forward and claim our rights and our power, we have the opportunity reclaim the sacred feminine from the shadow and invite the goddess to live within and through us.

Now is the time to claim your inner goddess and let her shine.

Reclaiming Your Inner Goddess, sacred feminine, divine feminine, woman, goddess
Reclaiming Your Inner Goddess

Beginning January 15, 2019, we will embark on a 12 month journey together as we rediscover and reclaim the goddess within.

During these circles, you will:

  • Explore the many faces of the goddess archetypes
  • Acknowledge how she expresses within you
  • Discover where you have repressed her
  • Reveal powerful new ways to tap into archetypal goddess energy for personal healing and transformation
  • Embrace the powerful sacred feminine energy within you and bring it forward in your life

We meet monthly at 7 pm Eastern on the 3rd Tuesday via a live webinar.  Registration is $35/month for 12 months*. Monthly circles will be recorded.

Register today to reclaim your inner goddess and reserve your place in our sacred circle: Click Here

Automatic payments will run monthly for 12 months from the date you register.